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Mermel said that although placing a catheter in the vein under the collarbone is preferred, a complete lot depends upon how well the person placing the catheter provides been trained. Using ultrasound to guide the keeping the catheter is one way of avoiding complications such as a collapsed lung, he added. Lead researcher Dr. Jean-Jacques Parienti, from the division of biostatistics and scientific research at Cote de Nacre University Hospital in Caen, France, stated, ‘The [under the collarbone] route may be the safest for the patient, supplied that everything is done to reduce the chance of mechanical problems during insertion.’ The report was published Sept.As well as the supply of HIV assessments and DBS sample collection for research use, Abbott is usually collaborating with CHAI to develop a turn-key laboratory answer, including training protocols on instruments that’ll be used to establish fully functioning molecular diagnostic laboratories in regions where such facilities do not currently exist. We’re pleased to end up being collaborating with the CHAI in its proactive outreach effort to test infants in developing nations for HIV, stated Stafford O’Kelly, mind of Abbott’s molecular diagnostics business. .. Abbott, CHAI enter agreement to supply HIV testing to infants Abbott and the Clinton Health Access Initiative have joined forces to supply HIV testing to infants in all countries employed in partnership with the CHAI.