1 The retractions came only months after BioMed Central.

Haug, M.D., Ph.D.1 The retractions came only months after BioMed Central, an open-access publisher also owned by Springer, retracted 43 content articles for the same reason. How is it possible to fake peer review? Moon, who studies medicinal plants, had set up a simple procedure. He gave journals recommendations for peer reviewers for his manuscripts, offering them with e-mail and names addresses. But these addresses had been ones he created, therefore the requests to review went to him or his co-workers directly.There have been no significant regions of increased activation in BD alone sufferers versus BD+ADHD individuals. The team also found that BD+ADHD sufferers had significantly better activation than controls in the bilateral anterior cingulate , posterior cingulate, right thalamus, bilateral medial frontal gyrus and left parahippocampal gyrus. There were no areas where controls had greater activation than BD+ADHD patients significantly. Altshuler et al conclude: ‘Future studies that examine not only neural differences in particular brain regions, but also assess how these regions may interact might provide further insight into the variations in neural patterns in BD, BD+ADHD, and ADHD.’ Certified from medwireNews with authorization from Springer Healthcare Ltd.