A case of onycholysis Onycholysis can be either major or secondary.

She have been taking no medications.. A case of onycholysis Onycholysis can be either major or secondary. Trauma, dermatophyte and psoriasis infection will be the most common causes, with drug reactions, allergies, lichen planus and systemic diseases numbering among the much less common causes. Treatment plans for onycholysis include avoidance of trauma and particular treatment, such as with antifungal corticosteroids or brokers. The left thumbnail was the initial affected, and gradually more nails had become involved. The distal portion of the affected nail plates had a yellowish discolouration and these fingernails were not mounted on the distal nail . The nail plates were of normal thickness and did not appear to be brittle.Exclusively for the subgroup evaluation involving donation after human brain death versus donation after cardiocirculatory death, these inclusions were put into the main group of patients to provide more statistical power. Number 2Shape 2Forest Plot of the Treatment Impact in Prespecified Subgroup Analyses. Shows a forest plot of the procedure impact in the prespecified subgroup analyses. In the main data set, we found no significant difference in the magnitude of the treatment effect on delayed graft function after standard-requirements donation versus expanded-criteria donation and after donation after mind loss of life versus donation after cardiocirculatory death .