A good fight with your spouse may be good for your health!

When both spouses suppress their anger at the additional when attacked unfairly, earlier death was as likely than in all other types twice. ‘When couples get together, one of their main jobs is normally reconciliation about conflict,’ Harburg said. ‘Usually no one is trained to get this done. If they have great parents, they can imitate, that’s fine, but usually the few is ignorant about the process of resolving conflict. The key matter can be, when the conflict occurs, how do you resolve it?’ ‘When you do not, if you bury your anger, and you brood on it and you resent your partner or the attacker, and you do not try to resolve the problem, then you’re in trouble.’ Of the 192 couples studied, 26 pairs both suppressed their anger and there have been 13 deaths for the reason that group.The Company will host a conference call beginning at 8:30 a.m. today, October 29, 2013, to discuss these total results, along with other corporate matters. The conference call may be accessed by dialing 270-2148 or 902-6510 and requesting Alere Inc. Additionally, reconciliations to non-GAAP financial measures not really included in this press release which may be discussed through the call will also be offered by the Alere website ( beneath the Earnings Calls and Releases section shortly prior to the conference call begins and will continue to be available on this website.

A new study demonstrates sick children can go home from a healthcare facility more quickly A new study shows that sick children can go back home from the hospital more quickly, much less expensively and with less chance of a repeat visit if children’s hospitals use a unique source of national data to check on their performance against other children’s hospitals and suggest to them where they are able to improve.