A programmer of innovative medical robots and complementary items.

It is the just robotic technology for spine surgery obtainable in the marketplace.. Adachi buys Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance surgical assistance system for spine procedures Mazor Robotics Ltd. , a programmer of innovative medical robots and complementary items, today announced that Adachi Medical Instruments Co. As part of the distribution contract, Adachi is focused on obtain Japanese PMDA approval for the Renaissance system. It really is projected that by 2020, nearly 50 percent of Japan's population will be over the age of 50, driving the need for improved spinal implant technology. ‘We are delighted to partner with Mazor to deliver their innovative products to the Japanese market,’ commented Saburo Adachi, President of Adachi. ‘We believe strongly in the strength of a mutually helpful partnership and look forward to working together with Mazor to fulfill the requirements of japan government to obtain the necessary approvals and deliver this advanced technology to Japan.’ ‘The distribution agreement and initial purchase purchase from Adachi signifies a significant stage in expanding the marketplace for Renaissance in Asia,’ said Ori Hadomi, Chief Executive Officer of Mazor.They studied tumor tissue samples from 1,336 women and men with 11 common cancers, including prostate, breasts, colon, pancreatic, lung, liver and ovarian and found the current presence of the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor in the blood vessel cells of the tumors. Normally this receptor isn’t found on arteries with the exception of the reproductive organs, where it is present in lower concentrations than in tumors, said the American and French researchers. Related StoriesNew RNA test of blood platelets may be used to identify location of cancerMeat-rich diet may increase kidney malignancy riskMD Anderson research reveals why chemotherapy medicines not effective for many pancreatic cancer patientsThe group found that activation of the FSH receptor contributes to the signaling of a proteins that stimulates the development of blood vessels, including those in tumors.