Abbott to Acquire Action Pharmas Investigational Substance.

Abbott plans to carry out another Phase 2b study, which is likely to begin later this year. This acquisition will enhance Abbott’s pipeline in renal treatment. Abbott has two investigational treatments in advancement for chronic kidney disease . Bardoxolone, a first-in-class anti-oxidant swelling modulator that activates Nrf2, a pathway involved in the progression of CKD, can be in Phase 3 advancement with Reata Pharmaceuticals. Atrasentan, a substance discovered by Abbott scientists, is being evaluated in a Stage 2b study in individuals with diabetic kidney disease. Clinical knowledge with AP214 in cardiac surgery patients suggests that it has the potential to end up being the first compound specifically approved to prevent acute kidney damage, a long-standing unmet need in the medical community, stated John Leonard, M.D., senior vice president, pharmaceuticals, research and development, Abbott.Lung cancer is an extremely serious, life threatening condition and you should discuss any concerns, treatments or changes in lifestyle fully together with your doctor.. AADI receives grant from Tufts Wellness Plan Foundation to spotlight healthy aging for older adults 60+ The Asian American Diabetes Initiative at Joslin Diabetes Center has received a $70,089 grant from Tufts Health Plan Foundation to fund Healthy Living for All Seasons, which offers elderly Asians with, or at risk for, diabetes the opportunity to be a part of educational seminars and workshops concentrating on exercise, improved diet, and the prevention of diabetes complications.