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Furthermore, a significant interaction was detected between rhinitis and asthma and episodes of sneezing, watery and itchy eye, and between asthma and a sore throat; that’s, children with asthma or rhinitis were more likely to suffer these effects associated with the smoke cigarettes from wildfires , provides the lecturer of the University of Valencia. Related StoriesNew vaccine applicant shows great guarantee at fighting respiratory syncytial virusCamels in Kenya contaminated by MERS virus, new study findsCareFusion to show fresh respiratory solutions at AARC CongressResearchers conclude that this study provides scientific proof that wildfires, such as those that devastated a large portion of the province of Valencia in 2012, affect the fitness of children, especially of those who are even more susceptible .And many people feel that being in their best possible health would simply take an excessive amount of work and effort to allow them to realistically achieve. Of program this is the wrong attitude, and actually there are numerous small ways you can make yourself healthier and fitter that needn’t take that much work at all. Here are 6 quick things you can do that will make it easier for you to stay healthier, slimmer and fitter. Get Smaller Crockery: When we have smaller sized bowls and plates it forces us to take smaller sized portions.