Advocates on International Womens day highlight discrimination.

Advancement Fund for Ladies and UNICEF on Wednesday stated that 104 countries in the world have made rape a criminal offense, but these laws have been badly enforced . World Health Firm Director-General Margaret Chan in a statement released Wednesday stated one in five women reports being sexually abused before age 15, which is connected with poor health for years. In addition, more than half a million females die annually from problems related to pregnancy and childbirth, Chan added .People concerned about GMOs and genetic pollution explain that runaway crop diseases could strike at any time and devastate global crop production. Finally, those who are more concerned about government tyranny correctly point out that the government has already asserted executive purchase control over all food, livestock and farms. Just the wildly ignorant don’t store extra food for emergency preparedness. Also the federal government’s program urges visitors to have a plan and make a tragedy supplies package which contains, at least a three-day supply of nonperishable food – – sufficient to maintain you alive until FEMA arrives and screws everything up. The issue is that even well-meaning Americans who want to prepare for the worst tend to be going about it all wrong.