Affymax institutes calm period regarding the Hematide Stage 3 result analysis Affymax.

The company expects to lift the silent period following disclosure of Stage 3 results.. Affymax institutes calm period regarding the Hematide Stage 3 result analysis Affymax, Inc. today announced that it has instituted a peaceful period to curtail discussions with the investor community and the media regarding the the analysis of Phase 3 results for the investigational drug, Hematide, in four clinical trials which evaluated Hematide for the treatment of anemia in chronic renal failure patients. As analysis of data from the first of the four trials begins, the business expects that full data gathering and evaluation will take a period of weeks before best line results are announced a while in June 2010.Patients rated their knee discomfort and recorded the rating within an electronic diary each day for 3 days before randomization to determine their baseline pain rating. A pharmacist at each research site received each patient’s randomization quantity and ready each patient’s dosing solution. Other than the pharmacist at each site and one statistician at the agreement research organization, all of the workers and patients mixed up in scholarly study were unacquainted with the group assignments. The study medication was administered intravenously on times 1 and 56. Study appointments were scheduled for times 14, 28, 70, 84, 112, 136, and 182, during which security and efficacy assessments were performed and serum samples for routine laboratory checks and for pharmacokinetic analyses were obtained.