Affymetrix to contribute genotyping data to 1000 Genomes Project Affymetrix.

The entire Axiom Genomic Database has an extensive selection of ready-to-make use of variants for custom array styles and enables an unprecedented level of success in assay transformation. ‘This vast source is a valuable supplement to existing data models and represents a fresh haplotype map that may provide additional insights into individual genetic diversity and population sub-structure,’ stated Carlos Bustamante, PhD, Professor of Genetics at Stanford University. ‘Our ongoing work at Stanford in enabling multi – and trans-ethnic genome-wide association and medical resequencing studies will benefit greatly from this substantial data set in particular and from Affymetrix’ screening capabilities generally,’ Dr.Nevertheless, 1 month later, the patient’s respiratory symptoms worsened while she was still acquiring crizotinib, and imaging of the chest showed disease progression . Methods Research Oversight The patient and her family provided written informed consent for the genetic research studies, which were performed relative to protocols approved by the institutional review board at Massachusetts General Medical center. The first writer wrote the manuscript in collaboration with the senior educational authors; no one apart from the authors was involved in the writing of this report. All authors attest to the precision and completeness of the record. The patient participated in a medical trial funded by Pfizer. Genetic Studies A break-apart ROS1 Seafood assay11 was used to recognize ROS1 rearrangements and gene duplicate number in specimens of malignant tissue.