And where the inmate is locked up.

60,000 Inmates Sexually Abused Every Year A government commission on prison rape has concluded that the risk of being attacked depends greatly on the type of prisoner, and where the inmate is locked up. More than 60,000 inmates are sexually abused every year, according to a report being made general public Tuesday by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission stendra price . The eight-member panel was created under the 2003 Prison Rape Elimination Act. Predicated on a 2007 survey of tens of thousands of incarcerated people, 4.5 % of those surveyed reported being sexually abused in the previous 12 months – and more prisoners claimed abuse by staff than by other inmates. Among the main element findings of the survey aimed at reducing the amount of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse behind bars, the panel found: Who gets abused depends a good deal on where they are incarcerated.

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