In response to a request from ACP.

Issues about the impact of the cuts on access-to-care were obvious from the responses of almost 2000 internists who, in response to a request from ACP, completed a questionnaire on the impact of the cuts. Medicare obligations to doctors are scheduled to end up being cut by 10.on June 30 6 %, and by another 5 % on January 1, 2009 Is valacyclovir stronger than acyclovir? . Harris, MD, FACP, president-elect of ACP. ACP, the largest medical specialty association, can be asking Congress to pass legislation that will end the impending cuts to obligations. The organization is also calling on Congress for a long-term solution to replace the current formula with a reimbursement formula that would give permanent, predictable, and positive improvements to physician payments.

ACS’ 243rd National Meeting & Exposition to be held in San Diego American Chemical Society National Conference and Exposition, March 25-29, 2012, NORTH PARK, Calif.The American Chemical substance Society’s 243rd National Meeting & Exposition, among the largest scientific conferences of the New Year, will be held March 25-29, 2012, in San Diego, Calif. It will take place at the San Diego Convention Center and at area hotels. The topics include food and nutrition, medicine, wellness, energy, the environment and other areas where chemistry plays a central function. Some of those presentations will connect to the meeting’s theme, Chemistry of Life. The ACS Office of Public Affairs shall operate a press center in the convention middle.