Katherine McManus.

Ryan, M.D., Stephen D. Anton, Ph.D., Katherine McManus, M.S., R.D., Catherine M. Champagne, Ph.D., Louise M. Bishop, M.S., R.D., Nancy Laranjo, B.A., Meryl S. Leboff, M.D., Jennifer C. Rood, Ph.D., Lilian de Jonge, Ph.D., Frank L. Greenway, M.D., Catherine M. Loria, Ph.D., Eva Obarzanek, Ph.D., and Donald A. Williamson, Ph.D.: Assessment of Weight-Loss Diet programs with Different Compositions of Body fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates.. Frank M. Sacks, M.D., George A. Bray, M.D., Vincent J.The increases in intraabdominal-fat region did not differ considerably among the dose groups . Thigh-muscle region decreased significantly in guys who received placebo, as compared with men who received the four testosterone doses . As in cohort 1, leg-press power declined in males who received placebo considerably, as compared with guys who received the three highest testosterone doses . Effects of Testosterone with and without Aromatase Inhibition on Sexual Function In cohort 1, libido reduced with declining testosterone doses progressively, from 10 g to 0 g of testosterone daily, and all dose groupings differed significantly in one another except for the two 2.5-g and 5-g dose groups . Erectile function worsened considerably in guys who received placebo, as compared with men who received testosterone, and declined even more in guys who received 1.25 g of testosterone daily than in men in the three highest dose groups .