One of the worlds most prestigious international awards in science and technology.

In 2014, the Japan Prize will celebrate its 30th year of honoring world leaders of technology and science.. 2011 Japan Prize laureates announced The Japan Prize Base today announced the laureates of its 2011 Japan Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious international awards in science and technology. Two American innovators of technology, Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, and two Japanese researchers, Tadamitsu Kishimoto and Toshio Hirano, received this esteemed honor for the categories of information and communications, and bioscience and medical technology, respectively.There need to be clinical trials, and some %age of those sick people have to show some kind of improved response after acquiring the medication. This is actually the so-called gold standard of modern medicine. But with vaccines, no proof of efficacy is required. No placebo-controlled studies need to be conducted at all. Vaccines could be marketed and prescribed without the evidence that they actually work openly. This is actually the new free move for Big Pharma – – a class of medicine that requires no proof! They simply need to be injected into a few hundred those who are observed for less than two weeks to find if anybody passed away or collapses right into a coma.