Reuters reports.

7 more health workers killed in Pakistan in attacks suspected to be linked to murders of polio vaccinators ‘Gunmen ambushed and shot dead 6 Pakistani women aid workers and a male doctor on Tuesday, police stated, and the charity they worked for stated it suspected the episodes were linked to recent murders of polio vaccination workers,’ Reuters reports. ‘Fourteen days ago, gunmen killed nine wellness workers taking part in a nationwide polio vaccination drive in a series of attacks,’ the news headlines agency notes see . The murders of the polio employees ‘brought the work of 225,000 vaccinators to a standstill,’ the brand new York Occasions writes, adding, ‘Polio eradication officials have promised to regroup and try again. But first they need to persuade the killers to stop shooting workers and actually guarantee safe passage.’ The newspaper examines days gone by history of resistance to polio vaccination promotions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Mali .

The events that we experience that lead to PTSD are traumas. They are traumatic and horrible. My point is really simple though: despite the fact that these experiences are traumatic, it isn’t the events themselves that are causing us pain. It really is about how we experience these events, how we experienced those occasions and the feelings and feelings we attached to those events. If you are a veteran who struggles with Post Traumatic Stress, I highly encourage you to explore this presssing issue by yourself and learn the reality. Draw your personal conclusions and take your own actions to heal.