Setting back research by years potentially.

In a letter on the Autism Speaks Web site, chief science officer Geri Dawson complete the extent of the harm, saying 53 mind samples related to autism analysis were compromised. She said 52 of the samples had been bisected, meaning half were frozen and half preserved in formalin. The 52 staying hemispheres are for sale to research still, she said. Some of the affected tissues have been found in other studies. Although this event will have an effect on the availability of tissue for upcoming research, we can not yet determine the level of impact, but we are confident that we can keep up with the momentum of scientific tests based on brain tissue, Dawson wrote. Dawson proceeded to go on to say this hasn’t happened in the 35-year background of the tissue reference center – that is funded by the National Institutes of Health – and said a healthcare facility said it really is taking steps to make sure you won’t happen again.Agreements between Novartis Pharmaceuticals and the investigators included provisions associated with confidentiality of the analysis data. The initial draft of the manuscript was written by a medical article writer paid by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, with subsequent revisions by all of the authors. All of the decision was created by the authors to submit the manuscript pertaining to publication. The study protocols, available at, were approved by the institutional review panel or ethics committee at each participating site, and the research were conducted in accordance with the ethical principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.