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Doctors use these contemporary surgical techniques for curing their patients effectively. Through the use of newly introduced surgical methods and advanced medical technology the recovery period of breast tumor treatment has been decreased. Now patients can achieve fitness and return back to work within an extremely short period of time after undergoing the medical procedures. Breast tumor is that cancer which originates and overspreads due to the abnormal multiplication of cells in the breast area. This leads to development of tumors in the breasts and this malignant form is known as breast cancer.Because bleeding in the mind can be lifestyle threatening, doctors regularly make use of followup CT scans to monitor the condition of sufferers in which this problem has been detected, even though the injury that caused the problem was fairly minor. Yet each CT scan exposes the individual to possibly cancer-causing radiation, and comes at a higher financial cost also. ‘Although CT scanners have become useful tools, within an period of diminishing assets and a have to justify medical costs, this practice needs to be evaluated,’ the experts wrote. Scans provide small benefitTo determine whether repeated CT scans were medically helpful, the researchers reviewed the trauma data source from their hospital, finding 445 situations of adults who acquired shown indications of intracranial hemorrhage carrying out a minor head injury.