The design of microfluidic devices is restricted because of the power problem.

The design of microfluidic devices is restricted because of the power problem, Hunt said, but we can machine electrodes directly into the machine.Instead of using wires to route electricity, Hunt etches etches channels through the ionic liquid can transfer electricity. These channels, 10 thousand times thinner than the point of the i, physical impasse at their intersections with the micro-or nanofluidic channels in which analysis on the conducted lab-on – chip but the electricity in the ion channels can pass through the thin glass dead-end without zip the equipment in the process.

‘ – As for electronics applications, Hunt said that the wiring necessary principle in integrated circuits are limit their size.. ‘change if you could reversible breakdown use in order for you instead of working against you, which could significantly things – Liquid glass electrodes for nanofluidics, ‘Hunt said. The paper calls this research ‘is ‘funded by the National Institutes of Health.

This discovery is the result of an accident, two channels in an experimental nanofluidic device. Not right together, Hunt said, but the researchers found the current pass through the device has. – ‘We are of them were surprised when they thought to accept the contradiction about the behavior is non-conductive materials, Hunt said ‘Upon further investigation we can understand happened why this has been, but only at the nanometer scale.How do the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute reports is coronary artery sickness who frequent cause of death leading cause of death the United States for men and women die each year from more than 500,000 Americans in CAD.

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