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These data show a remarkably high degree of obesity internationally as a critical cardiovascular risk factors, the researchers write. The %age of overweight and obese patients support efforts at targeting this risk factor in patients along the atherothrombotic continuum of risk. The follow-up phase of the REACH Registry to measure cardiovascular ischemic rates rates of this population and an assessment of how these various risk factors enable the rate of subsequent morbidity and mortality and cardiovascular events in a geographically diverse population to influence.

Deepak L. From the Cleveland Clinic, and colleagues analyzed data from the REACH Registry to determine the prevalence and treatment of atherosclerosis risk factors. The registry contains 67th 888 patients aged 45 years or older established in 5473 doctors in 44 countries who had either arterial or 3 or more risk factors for atherothrombosis between 2003 and 2004.New York by New York Times as a ‘an authentic odyssey through brain, with a rainbow illuminates ‘Carl Schoonover new book described an Visual History the brain imagined By ‘Portraits of the Mind ‘ author in the public event in New York, Portraits of of Mind: Visualizing the brain from Antiquity to 21st centuries is a stunning visual story of brain.

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