Therapeutic products H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Clinical Trial ResultsIbio.

Therapeutic products H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Clinical Trial ResultsIbio, today announced positive interim results from a Phase 1 clinical trial of a subunit vaccine produced iBioLaunch platform known to / against influenza A/California/04 09 . The vaccine showed strong induction of dose correlates immune responses, with or without adjuvant, virus virus-antibody assays and microneutralization hemagglutination inhibition responses. The vaccine was safe and well tolerated at all dose levels when administered with and without adjuvant. ‘The expected positive results are an important confirmation of the usefulness of iBioLaunch platform, not only for the quick response to infectious disease challenges such as influenza, but also as a privileged access to a wide range of vaccines and therapeutic products, ‘said Robert Kay, Ibio Chairman and Chief Executive Officer..

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