With half of the deaths believed preventable.

This country’s extraordinary record of medical advancement makes its haphazard approach to maternal care even more scandalous and disgraceful, said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA. Amnesty International’s analysis implies that healthcare reform before Congress does not address the crisis of maternal health care. Reform is primarily focused on healthcare coverage and reducing health care costs, and actually optimistic estimates predict that any proposal on the table will still leave thousands without access to affordable care, said Rachel Ward, among the authors of the Deadly Delivery statement.The screening tool, known as the Violence Screening and Assessment of Needs , asked veterans about monetary stability, combat experience, alcohol misuse, history of arrests or violence, and probable posttraumatic tension disorder plus anger. The screening tool can be looked at in the written text of the article at Whenever we hear about a veteran being violent, there exists a knee-jerk reaction that it stems from PTSD. The VIO-SCAN shows that PTSD is relevant to screening risk but is only the end of the iceberg. Non-PTSD factors have to be appeared at, such as for example alcohol abuse or past criminal behavior, just like in civilians, said study lead writer Eric Elbogen, PhD, Research Director of the Forensic Psychiatry Program in the University of North Carolina School of Medication and Psychologist in the U.S.